Terumi Kai Manousaki

Thank you for visited my home page. I'm Terumi. I'm Japanese and I have a Greek husband so now I'm living  in Crete island of Greece.

I was born in Yamanashi Japan in 1986. I lived there until  I was 8.
I grew up in Kumamoto and Niigata.
I had many skin problems, allergies and other problems when I was child until 22. I studied about macrobiotic in Kushi macrobiotic cooking school in Tokyo.  I almost solved all my health problems cause of my food habits without medications about 1 year.  From this experience  I founded a cooking school named "atopic care salon terumi" in Tokyo in 2011.  I wrote my book in Japanese named "ツルツルキレイになるアトピーキュアレシオ" ( atopic cure ratio ) about my original food habits in 2013.
I moved to Greece instead of got married with Giannis in 2015.
Now I'm learning Greek food.


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